Security and compliance
at Cradl

At Cradl, security is a top priority. Our users trust us with a significant amount of data, and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

Cradl is used by companies with high requirements to security and compliance such as government agencies and financial institutions, and in order to earn our customers' trust we believe that transparency on how your customer data is being collected, transported and stored.

Application Security

Cradl is hosted on AWS, giving us access to the benefits they provide their customers such as physical security, redundancy, scalability and key management. Our infrastructure is cloud native and we use managed AWS services whenever possible to reduce the attack surface on software managed by us.

Internal Security Measures

In addition to our relentless focus on application security, we believe that internal and employee security measures are critical for end-to-end security. Internal security polices, physical security mechanisms and and incident management routines are not listed in this section.

Questions regarding security or compliance?