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Extract data from unstructured documents

Use AI to automatically grab the information you need from complex document layouts instantly. Email Power Automate Zapier


No-code AI platform for intelligent document parsing

Build and launch automated workflows tailored to your own needs.

Accurate data extraction with AI

Customize the informaton you extract from you documents, and train your first AI model on as little as 5 documents.

Effortless human review

Business users can review AI predictons to ensure human-level accuracy from day one.

Integrate with automation platforms or APIs

Cradl AI works seamlesly with the automation tools you already know and love - via native connectors and APIs.

Any document layout
Process any number of document layouts in a single AI model.
Language agnostic
Latin-based characters and digits are supported for extraction.
Line item extraction
Extract tabular data such as invoice lines from documents with a breeeze.
Automatic re-training
Use feedback from your end users improve your model continously.
Business users can easily be onboarded with almost no training required.
You own your data
You are always in full control of your own data. Period.
Store your data safe and compliant, without sacrificing speed and scale.
We're easy to get in touch with and happy help you out if you need it.

Get started quickly with templates

Get inspiration from our extensive template library for how you can reclaim countless hours of your organization's time.


See what our users are building

Organizations of all sizes use Cradl AI to automate data entry tasks.

“With Cradl, we reduced document processing time by over 90%, unlocking new user experiences that weren't possible before, and freeing up internal resources to focus on other projects.”

JP Wright
CTO, Just Technologies

"Cradl really convinced us by being so easy to use. We were quickly able to run projects independently, and the human-in-the-loop functionality enabled us to quickly deploy Cradl in our organization. End users were fully operational after only half an hour of training."

Klaas Erik Römer
Senior Advisor Digital Automation

"We use Cradl to deliver the most frictionless invoice payment solution on the market for our customers. Our Cradl models are now automating more than 33 million keystrokes for our customers annually."

Afshin Khan
Product Manager, DNB