Automate internal document workflows with no-code AI

Pull data from any document automatically and free your organization
from manual data entry. Integrate with your no-code tools in no time.
Empowering automation teams across industries

Extract the data you need
from any document.

Use AI to automatically grab the information you need from complex document layouts instantly.
Any layout, any language. Process any document regardless of layout and language.
Line item extraction. Extract complex data structures like line items and tabular data from your documents.
No-code. Build and deploy custom AI models through an easy-to-use interface.
How it works
The tool for building and deploying
AI-powered document workflows, blazingly fast.
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Fine-tune AI models
on your own documents

Increase accuracy and automation by fine-tuning Cradl AI on your own documents. Process any number of different document formats in a single AI model.
Higher accuracy
Fully customizable

Launch instantly
with human-in-the-loop

Reduce operational risk by automatically routing uncertain predictions to an intuitive human-in-the-loop validation interface. Seamlessly improve your AI model based on human feedback.
Reduce operational risk
Continuous learning
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Integrate with your automation tools

Cradl AI works with tools you already use - via native integrations and APIs.
Powerful AI models for document parsing beyond rules, templates and prompt engineering.
Fast learning
Fine-tune on your documents quickly. Train your first AI model with as little as 15 documents.
Accurate confidence
Predictions you can trust. Every prediction comes with an accurate measure of certainty. Uncertain predictions are sent to manual review.
Seamless AI training
Improve as you go. Corrections from your business users are used to improve your AI model over time.
Trusted by organizations across industries for business critical document automation

"Cradl really convinced us by being so easy to use. We were quickly able to run projects independently, and the human-in-the-loop functionality enabled us to quickly deploy Cradl in our organization. End users were fully operational after only half an hour of training."

Klaas Erik Römer
Senior Advisor Digital Automation, Norwegian Postal Secvice
The enterprise features you need
to move fast without breaking things.
Encrypted transmission. All traffic, including customer data, is transmitted securely and encrypted via SSL.
GDPR Compliant. We protect your data according to GDPR standards and make it easy for you to be compliant too.
Secure. Our data center provider maintains industry-recognized certifications, including ISO, SOC 2, and more.
Full control of your data. You own and control your data. Period.
Enterprise support. Our automation experts are here to support you every step of the way.
Auto-scaling. Scale dynamically to ensure you are ready for peak hours no matter the load.

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