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For personal or small scale projects.
Free forever.
What’s included:
Up to 100 pages /month
1 AI flow
An AI Flow consists of an AI model and a flow. A flow enables you to configure input and output sources and specify automation thresholds. AI models and flows can be used independently or together.
Up to 2 users
Line items extraction
Human-in-the-loop UI
Basic support


Everything you need to automate internal document workflows.
Everything in Free, plus: 
1000 pages/month included
Then $0.07 per page
1 AI flow included
($250 per extra)
3 users included
($50 per extra user)
Priority support


For organizations in need of advanced customization, governance and support.
Unlimited users & flows
Single sign-on (SSO)
Enterprise support & onboarding
Custom SLA, MSA & billing
Custom integrations
Audit logs & Financial Services Addendum
Security assessment support
Dedicated data science support

Frequently Asked

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What is an AI flow?
An AI flow consists of an AI model together with a flow. A flow consist of an input source, an AI model, exception handling (human-in-the-loop or business rules) and an output destination. In Cradl AI's flow builder, you have full control over every step of your flow. The AI model can be used independently of your flow through APIs.
Where can I see a breakdown of my usage?
You can view your usage in the Billing page within your Workspace Settings. On the Free tier, you will also receive an email when you are at 80% and 100% of your included usage.
How does Cradl secure my credit card data?
Cradl AI stores no information on your payment method and uses Stripe as our payment processor.
Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?
You can upgrade any time, and when you do, you will get the features of your new plan immediately. When you downgrade, the changes will take effect at the beginning of your next billing cycle.
How do you keep my data safe?
We believe that your data should stay your data. We don’t use customer data to train general available AI models, so you never have to worry about us using your data to power any AI models shared by others. We use industry-standard cloud infrastructure along with extensive safeguards to ensure your data remains secure. Read more.
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