Case study

Enabling a next generation mobile banking experience


DNB, one of the largest banks in the Nordics, is committed to delivering the best banking experience to its 2 million+ customers. A key part of this experience is offering an efficient way for users to handle their invoices directly within the banking app. With the wide variety of invoice formats received, DNB faced the challenge of implementing an automatic data extraction system that could handle this diversity and provide reliable results to their users.

We use Cradl to deliver the most frictionless invoice payment solution on the market for our customers. Our Cradl models are now automating more than 33 million keystrokes for our customers annually.
Afshin Khan, Product Manager

DNB partnered with Cradl AI to integrate an invoice AI model into their app via our APIs. By training a custom model on their diverse invoice samples, DNB enabled reliable data extraction tailored to their needs. This seamless integration allowed DNB to automate invoice processing, reducing manual effort and errors, while maintaining a smooth user experience within their existing app.

Financial Services
11 000+
33 million
Keystrokes automated annually
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