Receipt OCR API

Accurate and flexible parsing of receipts using deep learning.
Powered by your data.
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High accuracy

Get the best possible accuracy by building your
own document parser with deep learning.

Fully customizable

Parse receipts in any language and format by customizing your a parser to your receipts.

Build your receipt parser in 10 min

Train your first receipt parser on as little as 15 documents. Improve your parser as you go.

Integrate in your software

With only a few lines of code, you can integrate your receipt parser
with your existing systems with Cradl AI's REST APIs

Or use our workflow platform

Deploy a human-in-the-loop platform for validating receipts
as part of your back-office workflow tasks.

Receipt data extraction using deep learning

High accuracy data extraction API tailored to your receipts.

Any field

Define the information you would like to extract such as total_amount, date, supplier_name, currency, tax_amount.

Any language

Cradl AI supports all Latin-based languages. Numerical fields such as amounts can be extracted from receipts in any language.


Parse receipts with an average processing time below 2 seconds.

Easy to train

Thanks to extensive pre-training, you can fine-tune your own receipts parser with
as little as 15 receipts.

Start building today

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