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Build deep learning parsing APIs for

Build, train and deploy state-of-the-art document parsing models powered by machine learning. No ML experience required.
Invoice OCR API
Powering developers and businesses across industries

Extract data automatically
any document

Train your own document parser to pull data from virtually any document layout in seconds. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for developers to build custom document parsing models and integrate into any application with our API and SDKs.
Invoice API OCR


Receipt OCR API


w9 tax form OCR API

Income Statement

Bill of lading OCR API

Contract Note

w9 tax form OCR API

W9 Tax Form

Custom OCR API


Fully customizable. Configure your parser to extract any field from your documents.
Any layout or language. Train a single model to handle any document layout and language.
Scalable training. No bounding boxes required. Train on data you already have.
Fast processing. Flexible deployment options with 1-8 seconds processing time.
Easy to use. Build powerful AI models in a visual interface. No ML/AI experience required.
Made for developers. Use our API and SDKs to integrate your model in your software.

Build and deploy customized document parsing models in a single platform

Cradl's intuitive platform makes it easy to build custom document parsing models powered by the latest advances in deep learning. No data science skills required.
ML model training

Train on all your documents  
without manual labelling

Take your model's accuracy to the next level by training on vast amounts of documents you already have in your database. Train your model on thousands or even millions of documents without adding a single bounding box annotation.
AP automation software AI

Optional validation UI
for internal workflows

Our optional human-in-the-loop platform makes it easy for your team to validate and correct low confidence predictions from your model.
Easy setup. The human-in-the-loop platform can easily be configured and integrated with your workflow using our APIs.
No learning curve
Zero learning curve. The platform is so easy-to-use that your team can be up and running in a matter of minutes.
ML training
Train as you go. Human feedback is used for continuous training, increasing accuracy and automation level seamlessly.
Secure. We use industry best-practices to keep your data private and secure. All data is encrypted in transit and at REST.
Compliant. All data is stored and processed on secure AWS servers in EU (Ireland) in compliance with GDPR.
Data privacy
Own and control your data. You own and control your data. Period.
Autoscaling. Scale dynamically to ensure you are ready for peak hours no matter the load.
Expert Support. Our data scientists are here to support you every step of the way.
Pay-as-you-go. Only pay what you use. Your unit cost decreases as your volume increases.

Integrate anywhere

Integrate your document parsing models into any solution with
our easy-to-use REST API or use one of our SDKs.
Financial Services

We use Cradl to deliver the most frictionless invoice payment solution on the market for our customers. Our Cradl models are now automating more than 33 million keystrokes for our customers annually.

Afshin Khan
Product Manager, DNB

Cradl really convinced us by being so easy to use. We were quickly able to run projects independently, and the human-in-the-loop functionality enabled us to quickly deploy Cradl in our organization. End users were fully operational after only half an hour of training.

Klaas Erik Römer
Senior Advisor Digital Automation, Posten
Accounting Software

We're building the best software for accounting firms. Our customers have very high expectations, and with Cradl we can be confident that our document automation is best-in-class. We're super impressed with both accuracy and speed!

Anders Skjetne
CEO, Centiga

Using Cradl, we created a powerful ML model that we integrated in our UiPath RPA workflow, able to automate expense control of more than 210 000 government employees.

Hallgeir Molde
Project Manager, DFØ

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