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We have a proven track record of delivering successful AI projects for enterprises and offer an agile implementation plan to make sure your automation projects make it to production.
1. Proof of Concept
3 days
A proof of concept can be done quickly and completely free of charge by training training a model on as little as 15-50 documents. The steps in this process are:
  1. Collecting training data from a set of documents
  2. Creating and training a model on the collected dataset
  3. Testing the trained model
This process can be repeated with a larger dataset in order to see how the extraction quality improves with more training data. Optionally, documents can be redacted/anonymized before uploading if required.

Required resources: a business user with a passion for technology.
2. Pilot
2 weeks
The goal of pilot phase is to ensure that our solution is ready for deployment in a real-life production environment. The steps in this process are:
  1. Integration of Cradl's REST APIs into your existing system or workflow
  2. Training on a larger dataset
    This is an optional step where the system is trained on a larger dataset in order to improve its accuracy and performance.
  3. End-to-end testing
    Once the system is integrated and trained, it is important to conduct end-to-end testing to ensure that it is functioning as expected and meets your desired specifications.
  4. Configuring Cradl's human-in-the-loop platform
    If you are using Cradl in a back-office process, our human-in-the-loop platform can be configured to enable human intervention in the decision-making process.
Required resources: a technical resource for the integration and configuration of Cradl's human-in-the-loop platform, and a business user for the end-to-end testing.

Legal/compliance: If the pilot involves processing personal data as defined under the GDPR, a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) must be signed for legal and compliance purposes.
3. Production
1 week
To go from pilot to production, the following steps would typically be required:
  1. Review and approval of the pilot results
  2. Execution of production-level agreements, including Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and/or other documents that were omitted during the pilot phase
  3. If applicable, training of business users on how to use Cradl's human-in-the-loop platform
Required resources: a technical resource, a head of department/business user to approve the pilot results and a manager/executive for signing the production-level agreements.

Enterprise features you need

Everything your business needs with our Enterprise-exclusive features:

Secure and compliant. We use industry-standard encryption like AES256 and TLS to secure all customer data. We are fully GDPR compliant, ensuring the protection of personal data in accordance with EU regulations.
Custom SLAs. Cradl offers custom SLAs with enterprise-level uptime, ensuring blazingly fast and reliable automation at scale.

Dedicated account management. You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager and data engineers available for ongoing help and guidance, to make sure your project make it to production.
Shared Slack channel. We set up a dedicated Slack channel to allow you to easily communicate with our team to stay informed and engaged.
Integration support. Need help with integration? We’ll connect you with one of our trusted Cradl AI integration partners.
Custom contract & invoicing We offer custom contracts and payment terms based on your organization's specific needs.

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